French Braids to Achieve Full, Wavy Hair

French braids

I’ve been wearing my hair in two french braids all summer for two reasons: 1) I am growing out bangs from a long, straight style I had over the winter, and 2) it’s HOT! When the temps push 100 degrees and the humidity is no joke, I look for any way to get hair off my face and neck, and two french braids have been doing the job!

Braids are great for those with natural curls who want to change up their look or curl pattern from time to time. Fewer braids will result in bigger, looser waves, while more braids will give you waves closer to your natural curl pattern. It’s perfect for a work or evening style, and when you’re done, braid it right back up and you’ll have next-day hair.

Here’s how I achieved the look:

  1. Washed and conditioned hair using Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo and TRESemmé Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner.
  2. Parted hair down the middle and combed out all tangles.
  3. Applied Giovanni Direct Leave-In Weightless Moisture Conditioner throughout hair (this is a very light leave-in, which is perfect for fine hair since it will moisturize without weighing hair down) and coconut oil to the ends and over dry areas.
  4. French braided wet hair close to the hairline and secured ends with hair bands.
  5. When completely dry (almost a day later), I unbraided hair, flipped my head upside down, and gently shook hair at the root to loosen waves and create volume. I took care not to run my fingers all the way through hair, as this causes more frizz.
  6. To tame any frizzies, I lightly coated my hands with coconut oil and smoothed over hair.

Here is how it turned out:

braidout on long natural curls

Personally, I like volume, but If you prefer the look of sleek waves, just don’t flip and shake.  I always twist my bangs back in this style since they tend to look straggly fresh out of the braids. What do you think? Do braidouts work for you?



  1. Finally someone out there with hair like mine!!! Yes, I always do fat braids during the day to have tamed curls in the evening. Your posts give me confidence in my curls. You havent posted in a while, please do! I also love your side braid bun. I have been doing the crown braid to side bun, but without the two braids through the length. Great idea, looks beautiful

    • Hi there! So glad you like the braided styles – I love them for the summer. I will get back into posting soon. I recently had a baby so of course he gets all my attention. 🙂

      • When you start posting again, could you do a close up on how you pin back your hair in the front? I am all thumbs when it comes to getting my hair off my face and could use a little inspiration!!!

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