Review of Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

Function of Beauty personalized hair care

Hi good people! I have another hair product that I wanted to share with you guys. I’ve been using this for the last few months, so I’ve been able to see how my hair reacts to it over time.

It’s Function of Beauty‘s personalized hair care line that’s uniquely formulated according to your specific hair type and goals. In other words  – shampoo and conditioner made for your very own head of hair. Finally!

Let’s start with the ordering process, which was actually fun and got me to really think about my hair care goals. I filled out a survey that included my hair profile, goals and preferred fragrance. Here were my choices:

PROFILE: curly + fine + dry

GOALS: hydrate + anti-frizz + curl definition + shine + replenish hair (I had lost some hair during my pregnancy)

FRAGRANCE: white tea jasmine

A week or two later, I received in the mail this gorgeous package, with a shampoo and conditioner called Function of Thaïs. I was halfway sold!

Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner

The products came with a card that recapped my order, listed all ingredients, and offered a personalized hair regimen. They told me exactly how to use the products.

Function of Beauty ingredients

So here are my thoughts:


My formula smelled divine. It was indeed white tea jasmine, but with clean notes of tea tree and and mint oils. The shampoo was hydrating and did not strip my hair – so important! The conditioner, while a bit on the thin side, had lots of slip and was easy to comb through. When I was done shampooing and conditioning, my hair felt clean and moisturized, exactly what I look for to prep my hair for styling.


I use these products to this day (haven’t run out yet!), but with continued use, I did notice a slight build-up. It could be the dimethiconol in the conditioner, which is not water soluble. No biggie – this can happen with most conditioners, but I did have to use a cleansing shampoo more often than normal.

The other con, which I mentioned above, was the consistency of the conditioner. I like a thick, rich conditioner with lots of slip, and this was on the thin side. As a result, I had to use lots of it!

The beautiful thing about this company is that I can tell them exactly what I didn’t like, so that they can improve my formula for the next order. Overall, I recommend giving them a try. At the reasonable price of $26/set, you may never have to shop for the perfect shampoo and conditioner again!

Have any of you tried Function of Beauty with perfect results? Please share!



4 thoughts on “Review of Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. I’m incredibly late to comment on this post (like, a year late) but I’m always curious to try new beauty products that encourage personalization and no sulphate or other chemicals! Have you continued using the product? How are your curls holding up? I just placed an order last night and I’m curious about what to expect.

    1. Hi – I really did like the products, but I haven’t continued using them. There are just other options that don’t give me the slight build-up that the conditioner gave. I definitely preferred the shampoo over the conditioner.

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