Help! My hair pattern is changing… what do I do?

Hello hair community! A dear reader sent me the email below. Two years ago, she endured brain surgery. Thankfully, she has healed, but she has noticed an interesting aftereffect – her hair pattern is changing. While I was able to offer her some suggestions, I thought I’d share with the community to see if anyone else can offer insight. Read on…


I’m having a hair identity crisis and I don’t know where I can get advice, even googling it. It might be a shot in the dark but I didn’t know if you might have any answers to at least some of my questions.

When I was a little girl I had soft curls. By the time I was 5 it had straightened and thickened. Even though it was straight it still had a lot of body. The ends curled up if it was shorter than my shoulder-length , I had lots of cowlicks, & little frizzy things if I pulled my hair back.

Two years ago, I had brain surgery. Part of my hair was shaved but it was underneath at the base of my skull. With my hair down no one would’ve known it was shaved. As my hair has grown back, it has been wavy and started creeping up to the hair above my incision and seems to be creeping more and more as well as getting curlier underneath.  The hair on the back of my head is all wavy/curly except for one smooth layer.

I think it might be starting to creep to the sides too, the underlayers near my ears are getting wavy. Moreso on the right side then the left.

I don’t really know what to do with it. It’s this weird half and half.  Even more weird than that is it’s only curly to like the middle of my neck, then a lot of it straightens.

When my hair is wet, it is probably 75% wavy but some of that is pulled out by the weight of it.

Does hair texture change gradually from the root?

Do you think my hair will continue to change to being all wavy or stay half/half?

Do you have any thoughts on styling or haircuts?

Thank you,


If you have any thoughts or advice, please share below!