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5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thais,
    I found your blog just over a week ago and now feel the need to say THANK YOU! I have sadly damaged my hair from years of straightening and blow drying. I’m now wanting to recapture the beauty of my natural curls and the tips on your blog are working wonders for me. Please keep up the great work, I certainly appreciate it!

    1. Wow, thank you Emily! Healthy hair is certainly a journey, and we all learn from one another. So glad you’ve enjoyed the blog; my goal is to post more in 2015!

  2. Hi. I’m Natalie. I’m still on the verge of being a new natural, although I’ve been natural for almost a year now. I say “still on the verge” because I suffer with texture loss from using heat, so I’m constantly trying to figure out my hair while also growing it out to be healthy again. In the title I wrote my Youtube channel because thats where I document my struggles with my hair, but it seems like my hair is not my only struggle. Gaining views and subscribers is another thing I struggle with. Honestly if my videos were any good you’d think I’d have all the followers I need, but there are a lot of terrible videos that get way more views than my decent videos do. I wrote this extremely long post because I need viewers. Please help me out and view my wonderfully decent channel about my natural hair. Thank you!

  3. Thais, thank you for this suggestion! I have naturally wavy hair with a little curl mixed in. Im a little confused about the recipe though. I love cocnut oil too and use it as a mask; however coconut oil is solid, like crisco, how do you put a “squir”t into the bottle…do you warm it up to make it liquid? And doen’t it just revert to solid floating pieces in the spray bottle? Please let me know. Danette

    1. Hi Danette – Coconut oil melts pretty easily, at about 76 degrees F. I live in the South, so my coconut oil is almost always liquid! But if you live in a cooler climate, or it’s winter, you can melt the oil either in a microwave safe dish, or on the stove, before squirting it into the bottle. Coconut oil also melts easily in your hands. I never had a problem with it reverting to solid pieces in the mixture, but if you run that, please let us know! Hope it works for you. ~Thais

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