10 Gift Ideas for Curly Girls

If you have a curly girl in your life, skip the scented candles or predictable perfume this holiday season and give her something that will really excite her – curly hair products! 

There are countless curly hair products to choose from these days, and several dozen of them could be considered must-haves. I’ve done my best to whittle them down to 10 items that just about anyone with curly hair would love to own – from essential to the extravagant.

I’ve even created categories so that you can give the perfect gift no matter where she is on her curly hair journey. If YOU are a curly girl, be sure and add these items to your wish list!

She’s Just Getting Started

If she’s just getting started on her curly hair journey, or if she’s even considering it, here are four gift ideas that will put her on the right track:

Curly Girl: The Handbook by Lorraine Massey

1) Curly Girl: The Handbook

This is the first resource many women read when they decide to embrace their natural curls. Author Lorraine Massey explains the ever-popular curly girl method and gives practical tips, advice and tutorials to transition to and maintain naturally curly and wavy hair.

$14.06, Amazon.com 

DevaCurl How to Quit Shampoo Kit

2) DevaCurl How to Quit Shampoo Kit

There are two things most curlistas will say you must give up in order to have healthy, beautiful hair: sulphates and silicones. The trouble is, these ingredients appear in many commercial hair products. Though there are (thankfully) now many curl-friendly products on the market, many consider DevaCurl the gold standard. This gift set features the award-winning No-Poo Original and One Condition Original, along with a microfiber towel for removing access water.

$35.00, DevaCurl.com 

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase

3) Silk Pillowcase and/or Satin Bonnet

Heck, just get her both! Seriously, she will need one or the other to keep her curls protected at night. Hair glides over these materials easily, creating less friction, which means less frizz when she wakes up in the morning. 

Alaska Bear Silk Pillowcase, $25.99, Amazon.com

Revlon Diffuser for Curly Hair

4) Diffuser

There are soooo many options to choose from, so I suggest starting with something basic like this Revlon dryer and diffuser. For curly girls who have neither the time nor desire to air dry (which can take hours), diffusing is the only other option to safely dry curly hair. Diffusers help create volume and enhance the hair’s natural curl pattern.  

Revlon Hair Dryer 1875W Turbo Styler, $17.54, WalMart.com

She’s Getting the Hang of It

Once she has gotten through the tough first phase of changing everything she’s ever known about her hair, she should be seeing more consistent curl results. Now is the stage where she’s having fun experimenting with products and styling methods, and is probably binge-watching hair tutorials on YouTube. Here are three gift ideas she’ll love.

5) NaturallyCurly.com eGift Card

NaturallyCurly.com is the premier online destination for all things curly hair. Their shopping section features just about every brand of curly hair care product, and they offer gift certificates! You choose the amount you want to give, and the eGift card will be emailed directly to the recipient. Plus, they give free samples with every order. Talk about hair product heaven!


Curl Magazine

6) Subscription to Curl Magazine

This all-new magazine is for and about curly haired women. From expert tips and must-have product reviews to interviews with trailblazing and prominent women, Curl is an informative, gorgeous magazine that comes in both print and digital formats.  It’s full of quality content that she’ll want to take her time to read. (And hey, I am a contributing writer!)

Price varies with subscription package, ReadCurl.com

Satin lined cap for curly hair

7) Slap (Satin-Lined Cap)

Winter weather can wreak damage on delicate curls, and so can hats. All the warmest materials – wool, fleece, cotton – can zap moisture from hair and cause severe frizz. Don’t let her hard work go to waste; get her a gift that keep her curls intact and keep her head warm this season. Satin-lined winter hats, like this one from Grace Eleyae, follow the same concept of the satin bonnet or pillowcase. Hair simply glides over the material, so curls retain moisture and shape.

Warm Slap, $44.95, GraceEleyae.com

She’s a Pro

These days, her good hair days are more consistent than not, she knows which products her hair does and doesn’t like, and she can even swing a few curly up-dos. She’s ready for the pro tools.

Denman D3 Brush for Curly Hair

8) Denman D3 Brush

This styling brush has become a bit of an icon in the curly world. Some swear by its ability to separate and clump curls while wet, helping them form into near-perfect ringlets when dry. If she’s looking to elevate to the next level of curly styling, this brush is a perfect gift. 

$17.70, DenmanBrushUS.com

Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap

9) Hot Head™ Microwavable Deep Conditioning Heat Cap

Heat makes any deep conditioning treatment more effective. Warm temperatures cause the hair cuticle to swell and lift, allowing nutrients into the shaft where they strengthen and restore the hair. Traditionally, the most effective way to do a heated deep treatment was to sit under a hair steamer. With the Hot Heat™ Deep Conditioning Cap by Thermal Hair Care, all you need is a microwave. The flaxseed-filled cap retains heat for 20-45 minutes, giving your curly girl the freedom to get things done while she deep conditions. 

$29.95, ThermalHairCare.com

10) Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Chances are you know the Dyson name as it relates to home cleaning machines. But did you also know they also make hair dryers? And not just any hair dryer – the Bugatti of hair dryers. I have yet to try this tool myself, but its reviews from curly haired women are  stellar. Apparently it cuts down drying time significantly, all the while protecting against extreme heat damage and delivering precision air for controlled styling and smooth curls. If anyone wants to buy me one, I’m game. 🙂

$399.99, Dyson.com 

There you have it – 10 gifts that any curly girl would love to receive this holiday season. Curly hair is a journey that can be simultaneously frustrating and fulfilling. These tools and products will have your curly girl feeling and looking great daily. 

Which gift ideas would you add to this list? Please share in the comments below!