Thick in All the Right Places: Review of HYDRACURLS Hair Products

Review of Hydracurls

The kind folks at Jonathan Product contacted me forever ago (in the midst of my pregnancy -update coming soon), and asked if I wanted to try their HYDRACURLS™ hair collection. Since I tend to stick to what I can find at local stores, I couldn’t wait to try something different that I’d never heard of. They must have known I have a lot of hair, because they sent two full-sized bottles of everything (thank you!). Here’s what I tried:

HYDRACURLS™ Nourishing Shampoo
HYDRACURLS™ Nourishing Conditioner
HYDRACURLS™ Leave In Conditioner
HYDRACURLS™ Styling Gel Cream
HYDRACURLS™ Reactivating Sea Mist

Overall Thoughts:

This is a good product line, and some items I would definitely purchase again. It has a clean smell (not fruity or nutty), and the scent lingers, which I love. The products are all free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and they contain delicious ingredients like jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, grape seed and argan oils, and shea butter and sea salt.

The products are effective, some more than others on my particular head of hair. Here’s the breakdown:

Nourishing Shampoo

I was surprised by the watery consistency, but this shampoo works just fine. It doesn’t strip the hair too much, but leaves it clean-feeling. It does have low lather, so don’t expect mounds of suds. I wasn’t blown away, but it does the job well.

Nourishing Conditioner

This is a very nice conditioner. It is super thick and hydrating, and makes combing my hair very easy. The only downside is the packaging; this stuff is hard to squeeze out! Trying to squeeze the conditioner is like using a hand exerciser (the kind people with arthritis use), and doing this while soaking wet in the shower is no fun.

Leave In Conditioner

I love this leave in! It’s thick, creamy and coats the hair very well. I use about a quarter size on each half of my hair, plus a little more on the top and underneath wear my hair gets really dry. I would definitely buy this again.

Styling Gel Cream

This is my other favorite HYDRACURLS™ product. I’m not a huge gel fan, but because this one is mixed with a cream, it’s doesn’t crunch or flake when it’s dry, and provides a flexible hold. I layered a little bit of this on top of the leave-in.

Reactivating Sea Mist

This is probably my least favorite of all the products, though it does do what it promises. It’s used to refresh curls (or create beach waves if you have straighter hair), and add volume and texture. On my hair, it creates a little too much texture and the result is a sticky, dry feeling. It does, however, plump up the curls just like a day at the beach would.

To recap, this line makes my curls pop, but I’d probably use my own curl refresher concoction instead of this one. The leave in conditioner and styling gel cream are excellent. Also, I looked up the cost – and it’s not bad! Products range from $12.99-$16.99, and can be purchased online.

Jonathan Product Hudracurls Review
Results using HYDRACURLS

Have you tried HYDRACURLS™? Which products work for you?