Hair Growth Update: Short and Curly

short natural curls

It’s been about three months since I decided to grow my hair out and get back to my natural curls, and I’m so glad I did. Although I LOVE a fly short haircut, I was ready for something more carefree. When a pixie blows in the wind it doesn’t quite give the same effect as flowing curls. 🙂

Since I started growing my hair out I’ve cut it about three times: twice I trimmed my own bangs and once I got a professional shape-up. I had been letting the front grow longer than the back and sides, but it got to a point where my hair was in my eyes and it was annoying. So I went and got a round, symmetrical cut that could grow out for a few months. I’m sure I’ll still need to trim my own bangs as they grow and cover my eyes.

pixie with bangs
April 2018, when I decided to let my hair grow and get back to my curls.
short curly pixie with bangs
Mid June 2018, after a bang trim.
growing out a pixie haircut
Late June 2018, after another bang trim.
short curly hair
Early July 2018, after getting a professional shape-up. This is my new “grow out” cut.

I’m actually really enjoying this short curly cut. I may play with a few more short styles before I let it grow past my shoulders. This length is so fast and easy, not to mention cool in this New Orleans heat! I’m looking forward to the next phase, when the sides and back grow just a bit longer.