Escape to Florida’s Space Coast

Barrier Island Sanctuary
Wind blowin’, hair growin’.

Living in New Orleans, Florida is my go-to destination when I’m in need of a good dose Vitamin D or a quick escape. I’ve travelled all over the state, though most of my visits have been concentrated on the Emerald Coast.

Since I now have family that live on the Atlantic side, we’ve been venturing there a few times a year. We’ve just returned from a week’s reprieve to Florida’s Space Coast, and I have to say, it was stunning.

While the Atlantic surf is always rougher than its Gulf counterpart, the farther south you get on the Atlantic barrier islands (closer to Miami), the water becomes a gorgeous shade of aqua blue, and the sand so fine.

East Florida Barrier Island
Barrier Island Sanctuary

My husband and I were with our 3-year old son, so of course 99 percent of the trip was geared to him. We discovered some wonderful things to keep us all occupied, including:

Beaches (so many to choose from in this area)

Barrier Island Sanctuary (sea turtles!)

Kennedy Space Center (rockets!)

Museum of Dinosaurs and Ancient Cultures (roar!)

Good Natured River Tours (dolphins!)

Brevard Zoo (big animals!)

McLarty Treasure Museum (pirates!)

Florida’s Space Coast is only an hour’s drive from Orlando, but we’ve decided not to take our kid to the big attractions (i.e. Disney World) until he asks. For now, he’s just like his parents – the beach is his ultimate playground.


Have you been to Florida’s Space Coast? Did you love it?