Review of Tee-Owels T-Shirt Hair Towel

Tee-Owel T-Shirt Hair Towel

I recently had the opportunity to try a new product made especially for curly hair. Tee-Owels are hair towels made of soft, organic t-shirt material that reduce frizz and breakage during the drying process.

If you’re like me, you stopped using traditional towels to dry your hair years ago. My hair is extremely frizz-prone and regular towels just exacerbate the problem. I never invested in specialty hair towels because my husband’s old t-shirts did the trick. My only complaint was that they were never quite long enough to properly wrap and tuck to keep them in place.

Ever since I’ve tried it, the Tee-Owel has been my go-to hair drying wrap. It is extremely soft, lightweight and absorbent, and has the perfect amount of stretch so that tucking and wrapping is a breeze. (In fact, it’s kinda cute as a head wrap to wear in public.)

The Tee-Owel comes in two sizes – short and long – so your hair is covered no matter the length. My hair is just about shoulder-length now, so I ordered the long in case I decided to grow it back to waist-length (still debating this). Even if your hair is that long, this hair towel is wide and long enough accommodate it all.

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